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The Jabro was designed by James Broadwell and Ed Alsbury. According to a magazine from the time period:

"Back in 1957, James Broadwell built a small sports car, called it the Jabro Mk I. It was an immediate success with enthusiasts all over the country getting plans, information and parts kits to build others like it. Since then, there's been the Mark II and now the Mark III -- a lighter and smaller version. The aluminum and fiberglass three-piece body shell sheathes a real road racing hot rod, uses a highly-modified Crosley engine with 65 bhp output."

The "Husky little Crosley powerplant is surrounded by aluminum firewall and portions of multi-tube 'birdcage' space frame. The engine has a 2.54-inch bore, 2.36-inch stroke, uses four Dell 'Orto-25 semi-downdraft carburetors, one Harman cam (overhead) and vertical, in-line valves. Instruments are tachometer, oil temp and pressure, keeping theme of car's simplicity."

These cars were raced in the H Modified class.

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H Mod Jabro Mk I - 1959.jpg (15362 bytes)
1959 Mk I

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Mk I

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H Mod Jabro Mk II - 1959.jpg (45153 bytes)
1959 Mk II

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H Mod Crosley - Jabro Ad.jpg (29667 bytes)

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Full ad


"No history of Midwestern Crosleys would be complete without mentioning Jim Broadwell, whose St. Louis-built Jabro cars were seen at many events. They used a true space frame, with a very Allard-like swinging front suspension and came with a pleasant fiberglass body. You could use a variety of engines, but Jimís car ran a 65 hp Crosley as did several of his customers. The Mark I had a simple tubular chassis and evolved to a "birdcage" frame in the Mark III. Over the years, Jabro remained true to sophisticated chassis and simple suspension."1

"Elkhart Lake 1989
- Charles Hayes'
Saab-powered Jabro.
photo by Art Eastman"1

Thompson Raceway

"Circa 1962, Jim Broadwell of St.Louis built Jabros - the Mk.III body was made in 3 sections and sold for $360.

The white #87 is the Zink Petite Mk. II, built by Ed Zink. It used a Jabro Mk III body."2

hmspecials63.jpg (71890 bytes)

Two photos above take at Thompson Raceway2

Car ad

This ad was posted on the H Mod Yahoo group

From:  "Stu French"
Date:  Mon Apr 15, 2002  3:23 pm
Subject:  Time To Sell


My JABRO MKIII is up for sale!

VSCCA Log Book, car last raced at Lime Rock on April 12-13, 2002.

Price includes, spare engine, gear box (rib case), rear end, Vortex mag., dual point Mallory. Engines are 80 over, big cranks, Rev. Master cams, Vortex mag., DCOE Webber.

Car weighs 885 lbs with 3 gals. of fuel.

Tires are Dunlop 450L 12" on front, 450L 13" on the rear.

Car can be inspected in Northern N.J.

History: Purchased in 1996 from Frank Raggetti
Chassis up restoration in 1998 by Ray Heppenstal
New suspension system & steering in 2000 by Tom O'Brien

Price: $22,500 race ready

Pictures (no longer available on the Yahoo group's web site) were taken at Turkey Bowl '01, Summit Point, W.Va.

Stu French
Car # 234

1Sandy MacArthur, Vintage Motorsport (May/June 1991), The H-Modified Crosley Specials from the Midwest p70-71. This article was transcribed for the Sports Racer Network by Curt Anderson.

2Information and photo from

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